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Balluff IP69K IO-Link I/O Hubs

Distributed I/O Architecture for Applications in Washdown Environments

Balluff IO-Link I/O HubsBalluff’s new family of machine mount, IO-Link powered, I/O hubs are specially designed for building distributed modular I/O architectures for automation applications in raw food handling or primary packaging areas. With an IP69K protection rating and ECOLAB certification, these IO-Link hubs can handle high pressure washdown and caustic cleaning solutions to meet stringent food safety guidelines for hygienic equipment.

Balluff IO-Link I/O hubs significantly simplify connecting sensors and valves and drastically reduce the size of heavy duty controls cabinets. Each I/O hub can host up to 16 channels of configurable I/O. Troubleshooting short circuits or open circuits is quick and easy with the I/O hubs since the LEDs on board can directly point to the problem, in addition to getting the events and diagnostics directly to the controller via an IO-Link master. All of the washdown family I/O hubs come standard with the Balluff Expansion Port. The expansion port can be used as a standard I/O (or input only in case of the input hub), or expanded with the same type of the I/O hub one time only to provide higher density I/O or connected to IO-Link valve connectors for actuating valves.

Balluff IP69K IO-Link I/O Hubs


Micropulse PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount

Balluff Micropulse videoBalluff Micropulse transducers are a wear-free, cost effective alternative to troublesome, failure-prone linear potentiometers.

Micropulse transducers are available in various form factors to allow quick and easy replacement of typical linear potentiometers.
The Micropulse PF provides accurate, reliable linear position feedback in a sleek, low-profile housing. Incorporating time-tested, field-proven non-contact magnetostrictive technology, the Micropulse PF represents an unmatched combination of performance, usability, and value.

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Inductive Coupling for Industrial Automation

Balluff Inductive Coupling download datasheet In machines and equipment, there are many instances where using a wired and cabled connection just doesn’t work effectively. More and more, sensors and other feedback devices need to be mounted on a moving part and hardwired connections are not a viable option. 

Whether it is a rotating table, moving pallet, punches & presses, or a robot’s end of arm tooling, connections need to be made. Balluff offers a tried and true non-contact connection solution for these hard to solve applications. By using these simple non-contact connectors in your application, the equipment can be more flexible and provide reliable sensor data across a difficult connection location.

Inductive coupling enables transfer of power and data over a small air gap. This technology is extremely useful in applications where cables or wiring is difficult or data transfer needs to be carried out across a barrier (wall, or plexi-glass), or even for applications to replace mechanical slip-rings.

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PlungerProxBalluff’s all new PlungerProx is a high durably assembly intended for direct contact applications. The heavy duty design allows the ability to come in constant contact with the machine or part to verify presence or position, making it ideal for welding fixtures, stamp and die, and ejection control applications. Mated with Balluff M8 sensors and multiple tip selections, the PlungerProx offers the maximum in application flexibility. Built to Balluff’s high standards, the PlungerProx is completely serviceable for cleaning and is now offered with NPN sensor offerings.

Benefits of PlungerProx:

PlungerProx models

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Balluff logo Balluff Home Page Balluff has one of the broadest product offerings of any sensor company. Balluff products include a complete line of sensors, transducers, ID systems, and connectivity products. Their sensor lines include photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic, as well as other more specialized sensor products to fit virtually any sensing application.