Destaco logoInnovations, quality and acquisitions have made DE-STA-CO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs.


DE-STA-CO ClampsDeSTAco Clamps more information

DE-STA-CO material handling clamps are built to meet the most demanding requirements, to keep your workpieces in place. Workpieces need to be held in a specific position using a specific amount of force in the shortest period of time.  DeSTAco clamping products includes: Automotive Power Clamps, Pull Action Latch and Squeeze Action Clamps, Standard Pneumatic Clamps and Straight Line Action Clamps.

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DeSTAco End Effector Tooling more information DE-STA-CO End Effector Tooling

DE-STA-CO End Effector Tooling provides complete part handling and application solutions for every stage of manufacturing.

Fully Customizable: Allows for unlimited configuration possibilities utilizing vacuum cups,   magnets, clamps or grippers.
Flexible Mounting: Systems allow for both end and mid-frame mounting for interfacing with   the robot.
Manual or Automatic Tool Change: Permanently mount your tooling to any robot or choose from either manual or automatic tool change. Quick-connect electric and air ports allow for fast tool change with minimal downtime.

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Robohand Grippers

Robohand Grippers more information The full jaw opening (180°) of the 2 jaw Angular Grippers means that the part can be direct fed, avoiding any release movement by the robot or by the actuator.  Direct Connect Electric Parallel grippers are the simplest and most durable electric gripper in the industry. No programming, tuning or adjusting is required; just simple "plug & play" operation.  3-Jaw Parallel Grippers are ideal for machine load/unload applications. It's shielded design repels chips and other particulate from the internal drive mechanism.

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Robohand Slides and ThrustersRobohand Slides and Thrusters more information

Internally powered linear base slides reduce the mounting footprint over externally powered slides by up to 50%. They are available in multiple strokes & sizes.  Feed escapements offer failsafe locking fingers, sealed design to prevent internal component wear, and are mos effective mechanism for separating components fed from a track or conveyor.  Miniature ball rail slides and robust thruster slides also offer multiple sizes and stroke lengths.

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Robohand G100 Series Grippers - Simply Better Gripping download flyer

The Robohand G100 Series of Parallel Gripper delivers better performance, less maintenance, and faster operation without added costs to machine builders. Starting at under $200, the G100 sets a new standard for machine builders offering 20 different models in four bore sizes.  The shielded design means no exposed roller bearings for dirty environments.  The G100 provides smooth operation with rack and pinion design and low profile for constrained applications space.

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