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RCS4 Servo Motor ROBO Cylinders

RCS4 ROBO Cylinders54 Models and Battery-less Absolute Encoder

With 54 models to choose from the RCS4 ROBO Cylinder offers a solution to almost every linear motion application. Equipped with a battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard which means; home return is not required an battery replacement never needed.

Built-in linear guide allows the actuator to take moment loads without requiring external guides. The wide body types are able to deal with high load moments in the pitching, yawning and rolling directions.

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EC ELECylinder

ELECylinderUshering in a new era of easy electric cylinder control, the easy ELECylinder is designed for simplicity from start-up to maintenance. Speed / Acceleration settings can be set in just 5 minutes. No time-consuming programming is necessary.  You can also operate it with ON / OFF signals, like a solenoid valve. No time-consuming programming is necessary.

Air cylinders cannot operate at high velocity due to the impact at stroke end which occurs when excess velocity is applied.  The ELECYLINDER can start and stop smoothly at high velocity, reducing cycle time.

The ELECylinders position adjustments and operating conditions can be set by the TB-03 teaching pendant from outside the equipment, even without a cable connection. The TB-03  can monitor the operating status of up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECylinder.  Error recovery time can also be shortened by troubleshooting with wireless connection.

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IK Series Multi-Axes Cartesian System

IK Series Cartesian SystemThe competitively priced ROBO Cylinder IK Series is the multi-axes solution to your automation needs. In addition to easy set-up and simple software programming, IAI's high-quality electric actuators are energy efficient and will dramatically reduce your energy bills.

 The ROBO Cylinder IK Series multi-axes kit includes everything needed for fast and easy assembly.  The available configurations have been greatly expanded, allowing the ideal selection to suit your needs from 396 options. The ROBO Cylinder® equipped as standard with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder has been added to the "IK Series".

No battery maintenance is required since there is no battery. Homing operation is not required at startup or after emergency stop or malfunction. This reduces your operation time, resulting in reduced production costs.

Compatible with PowerCON® which is equipped with a high-output driver. The maximum speed has been increased with the use of PowerCON®. This can reduce cycle time and help improve productivity.

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NEW RCP6 ROBO Cylinders

IAI introduces a wide variety of product types are in the new RCP6 series, which also include wide slider types and wide radial cylinder types. Allowable dynamic moment for the wide slider type is 14 times higher than the standard slider. Allowable torque on the rod type of the wide radial cylinder is 3 times higher than the standard radial cylinder.

IAI RCP6Equipped with the High Resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard:

Improved Positioning Repeatability:

Selection of PowerCON® Compatible Controllers Is Available:

RCP6S Actuator with Built-in Controller:

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RCS3 ROBO Cylinder with Load Cell

RCS3 ROBO CylinderThe RCS3 is a compact and low-thrust rod type actuator that can even be used for simple pressing. The high-precision position control enables easy adjustment of the push force and the position control.

The servo press specification has been expanded. With a load cell equipped as a standard feature, precision push force control is now possible, which is typically difficult for oil-hydraulic equipment.

RCS3 side-mounted motor rod types have been added, allowing you to select from a 200N to 50000N range. The development of a large variety of models allows you to pick models that suit your applications.  High-precision loading repeatability of ±0.5% is possible using the feedback data from the dedicated load cell installed in the actuator. 

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ERC3 robo cylinderERC3 ROBO Cylinder with Built-in Controller

Transform your factory with the efficiency-improving, space-saving  ERC3 ROBO Cylinder®.
Because the controller is built-in, no additional controller is required.  The result is a smaller footprint of the control panel.  Also teaching can be performed near the actuator because the controller is built-in.

The ERC3 supports wide-ranging operations with 30% longer strokes and payloads and speeds have been increased by 1.5 times over conventional model. It’s the most affordable in the ROBO Cylinder series!

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Motorized Vertical Grippers

IAI's Vertical grippers are available in two types, including the slider type that comes with a guide to achieve excellent rigidity, and the lever type whose levers open by 180 degrees for easy gripping of the work part.

download brochure Slider Type and Lever Type Grippers

Vertical grippers are available in two types, including the slider type that comes with a guide to achieve excellent rigidity, and the lever type whose levers open by 180 degrees for easy gripping of the work part.

Multi-point Positioning, Adjustable Gripping Force

Up to 512 positioning points are supported via servo control, and the force with which to grip the work part is adjustable. This makes it possible to adjust the finger opening/closing width and grip easy-to-deform work parts.

Highly Rigid, Accurate Guide and Driving Part

The slider type comes with a highly rigid linear guide to demonstrate high moment rigidity. Thanks to its backlash eliminating mechanism, the guide is subject to less displacement upon positioning. The driving part adopts a geared structure (worm + helical gears) to achieve high rigidity and excellent response.

Self-locking Mechanism to Prevent Parts Dropping upon Power Off

The self-locking mechanism prevents the work part from dropping when the power is turned off or an emergency stop is actuated. The slider and levers can be opened with ease using an Allen wrench.
* The actuator cannot be kept pushing the work part.

download brochure Ultra-compact Slider Type

High gripping force in a compact body (gripping force: 10 N). One of the smallest actuators in the industry with a cross section area of 22 x 15 mm.

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