Iconics advanced visualization software ICONICS Home Page ICONICS’ advanced visualization, productivity, and sustainability solutions are built on its flagship products: GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA, Hyper Historian™ plant historian, AnalytiX® solution suite and MobileHMI™ mobile apps. Delivering information anytime, anywhere, ICONICS’ solutions scale from the smallest standalone embedded projects to the largest enterprise applications.


HMI/SCADA SolutionsICONICS HMI SCADA Solutions more information

For 64-bit-based, multi-core, multi-processors applications that require advanced 3D Graphics and visualization, ICONICS offers GENESIS64. Taking advantage of 64-bit computing can greatly reduce engineering time, resulting in savings. GENESIS64 is the first and only HMI/SCADA software suite certified for both Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and compatible with Windows 7. GENESIS64 provides a complete 360 degree view of your operations in real-time.

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Manufacturing IntelligenceICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence more information

Production line supervisors, plant managers, global supply chain managers, division leaders and CEO’s need accurate up-to-speed, real-time information from all enterprise systems. The ICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence suite of solutions enable users to overcome these business challenges, resulting in increased profitability, streamlined business efficiency and a strengthened loyalty to customers and vendors.

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AnalytixICONICS Analytix more information

AnalytiX® is a suite of products that transform large amounts of real-time data from manufacturing and facility operations into Actionable Intelligence. Use the AnalytiX products to drive improvement in productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability. The AnalytiX products organize your critical operating information with a user definable S95-compatible Asset Catalog for analysis, viewing, and operation. A wide variety of analysis functions is provided with each AnalytiX product, and the user has the ability to expand analysis with their own calculations. The suite includes rich, dynamic visualization tools that convey concise and appropriate information for the application and user role.

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OPC ConnectivityICONICS OPC Connectivity more information

ICONICS provides OPC – To-The=Core™ solutions ranging from a wide range of OPC servers and clients to a suite of toolkits for developing OPC toolkits. ICONICS is a charter member of the OPC foundation and has assisted the foundation over the years with providing source code, hosting Inter op studies as well as serving on the board of directors for the foundation.

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HistoriansICONICS Historians ICONICS Historians

The ICONICS Historian family of products gives you the flexibility to choose the Historian solution that is right for your application. Whether you have a high-speed application or one that demands efficient data storage to archive years of information, ICONICS ensures that your data is never more than a few clicks away. The powerful ICONICS platform offers universal connectivity through open standards and widely accepted communication protocols, enabling you to acquire and analyze all of the necessary data to make informed decisions in real time.

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