Wago innovative technology Wago Home Page For over 50 years, WAGO has built a foundation on innovation. As the inventor of the spring pressure termination technology, WAGO consequently relies on these innovative connection systems to develop electronic subsystems as well as electrical connectors.


Automation Components and I/OWago I/O Systems

With a fieldbus-independent design that features finely modular components, with its decentral fieldbus system, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is approved for extremely diverse applications.  The system is optimized for process-oriented communication and is a scalable-performance solution for high integration density with an unbeatable price / performance ratio.  Includes Fieldbus couplers for Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus and Profinet interfaces. 

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 755 meets the demands for Plug and Play solutions for sensors, actuators, power supplies, and the fieldbus.  WAGO-I/O-IPC, compact industrial PC. The IPC is an affordable compact industrial PC for realtime control applications.

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Rail Mounted Terminal BlocksWago Cage Clamp Din Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks

With CAGE CLAMP® connection. The Front-wired modular terminal blocks feature feed-through, PE, and shieldwire terminals in angled or horizontal design. Distributor, high-current and multiple-deck modular terminals. 

The TOPJOB®S offer a range of rail-mounted terminal blocks for all industrial and Exe applications as well as building installation.  Compact and versatile, the COMPACT series with CAGE CLAMP® connection provide feed-through and PE terminals for TS 35 and TS 15.

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PCB Terminal Blocks and ConnectorsWago PC Board Terminal Blocks and Connectors

The broadest range of spring pressure termination products available from the leader in the technology, the inventor of the CAGE CLAMP®. WAGO offers a comprehensive product line of printed circuit boad-mounted terminal blocks for the interconnection of PCBs to their device environment.  WAGO’s pluggable PCB terminal blocks offer Series-capable pillar terminals, plug-in connectors for EIB bus coupler and MICRO connecting terminals for EIB applications, 2-wire pillar terminal blocks.

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SPEEDWAY 767 - IP67 I/O System

Speedway 767Where previously discrete wiring was once required, fieldbuses now provide communication between control unit, system and machine. Depending on equipment type, cabinet-free automation systems help minimize costs for planning, start-up, and servicing. To continue leading the way, WAGO has throttled its modular SPEEDWAY 767 I/O-System, boosting the performance of IP67-rated components.

In addition to requiring a high degree of protection, a robust design and standardized connection technology, there is an increasing demand for advanced IP67 features once reserved only for IP20 systems, including:

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Epsitron ECO Series Power Supplies

Wago Epsitron ECO Power SupplyIn many applications, only 24VDC is required, without additional functions. Here, the ECO power supplies are an economical alternative.  Packaged in a flat and solid metal housing, output currents of 2.5A, 5A or 10A are provided. ECO Power Supplies lower project and operating costs with advanced features including: LED status indication, front-panel adjustable output voltage, efficiency levels up to 82% and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® terminations.

Fast and Safe Connection
CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology provides fast, vibration-free and maintenance-free termination of solid, fine-stranded or ferruled conductors.

Fast Installation
The ECO Power Supplies have a flat and very robust metal housing. DIN-rail mounting is quick and reliable via easily accessible on-unit plates.

Clear Indication
All ECO Power Supplies indicate output voltage availability via green LED. A red LED indicates an overvoltage. This simplifies start-up and rapidly provides maintenance personnel with system or machine status.

High Load-Carrying Capacity
Loads frequently have an increased need for current when switched on. The ECO Power Supplies with constant current characteristics deliver 1.1 times the nominal rated current with lowered output voltage. This makes them ideal for starting capacitive loads.

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PFC200 Series with PROFIBUS DP Master Interface

PFC200 PLCThe PFC200 line offers advanced performance class programmable controllers. These controllers offers advanced compact, computing power for PLC programming and process visualization. Programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3 600, PFC controllers feature a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor that offers high speed processing and support of 64 bit variables.

The PFC200 offers unrivalled performance, robustness and reliability in a compact profile. Two switched Ethernet ports provide seamless interfacing with other control systems. Networking remote, lower level operations with higher level systems, is now easier than ever. Smart grid communication support is now available with the 750-8202/025-002 controller, rated for extended temperatures of -20 °C to +60 °C. Low internal heating and battery-less buffering of the real time clock, on the PFC200 ensures economical, efficient and shock-resistant operation.

The PFC200 with PROFIBUS DP Master interface expands the application scope of the PFC200 family, extending its capabilities as a reliable and economical gateway between multiple fieldbuses.

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XTR VideoWAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR for Hazardous Areas

With its 750 XTR Series of products WAGO offers a solution that broadens the range of use for machines and systems with regard to environmental conditions and external interference factors, while providing the highest degree of flexibility. At temperatures from -40°C up to 70°C, vibrations up to 5g, operating altitudes of up to 5,000 m above sea level or enhanced immunity to electromagnetic interference and other interference as per EN60870-2-1:

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR can be used either outside of hazardous areas and within zone 2/22 inside an approved enclosure. All modules have ATEX/IECEx approval for use in zone 2/22. Besides the standard signals from the sensors and actuators from zone 2/22, intrinsically safe sensors and actuators from zones 0/20 and 1/21 can also be integrated via the I/O modules in the blue enclosure.

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