Roxtec logo Roxtec Home Page Roxtec develops, manufactures, and sells complete sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. Their modular-based seals are the foundation, but their sustainable growth is primarily built on committed personnel, strong values, and a clear customer focus. Roxtec cable and pipe seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. Whether you are an owner, designer or installer, you can rely on these solutions, wherever cables and pipes run through openings – and whatever size they are.

Sealing ModulesRoxtec Sealing Modules more information

A Roxtec sealing module consists of two halves, and has removable layers and a center core. Thanks to this technology called Multidiameter™, one single module can seal a cable or pipe over a span of several different diameters simply by peeling layers from the module halves. This ensures a perfect fit.

The Roxtec modules are used together with a frame and a compression unit. As an innovator with focus on functionality, Roxtec has invented a unique time-saving compression unit that makes retrofits possible. The end result is an optimum sealing solution for any application.

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Regular FramesRoxtec Regular Frames more information

The packing space of the frame opening gets filled with modules,stayplates and one Roxtec Wedge. Roxtec regular frames are available in different designs and materials. The depth of the frames and modules is 60 millimetres (2.362").

The choice of frame depends primarily on the material used in the construction and the method of attachment. The frames can either be cast, bolted, welded or fitted into sleeves. Frames are also available for use in EMC and EEx applications.

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Round Frames / Seals Roxtec Round Frames and Seals more information

Roxtec CRL is a round expansion frame for 4" and 5" holes. Its square packing space houses modules and services, such as cables, pipes and fiber optics. Compression is integrated in the frame.  The group of round frames are based on the RM structure with 60mm inserts. Roxtec round frames/seals are available both as single seals (RS) and round frames (R) for multiple cables.

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Compact FramesRoxtec Compact Frames more information

Roxtec Compact Seals provide protection against water, dust, insects and rodents for equipment in cabinets and enclosures. All frames, except for the C KFO frame, have integrated compression units. C frames are used together with standard Roxtec CM modules, 30 millimetre (1.181") deep, except EMC versions which use 40 mm (1.575") deep CM ES or CM PE modules.

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Kit SolutionsRoxtec Kit SOlutions more information

Roxtec’s unique technique makes it possible to produce prefabricated kit solutions that can be tailor made after the customer’s needs.

A Roxtec kit solution can include everything from a single module kit to a complete arrangement with frame, modules, gasket and fasterners.  This makes it possible to save time due to more efficient handeling by having all parts gathered as one article.

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Sleev-itRoxtec Sleev-It more information

Roxtec Sleev-it penetration seals are light-weight, versatile and easy to install solutions providing a certified fire stop for marine applications. The penetration seals prevent fire, gas or water from entering next compartment. The transition collar ensures fire protection for plastic pipe when connected to steel pipe in a non pressurized system.

Roxtec Sleev-it seals are simple in design, yet strong on performance. They are approved by all major classification societies. Only one penetration seal is required to be fitted to either side of the deck or bulkhead. Minimal welding and insulation requirements during the installation process reduce the costs and time taken for each plastic pipe penetration for both new build and retrofit projects.

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Roxtec BG™ sealing solutionsRoxtec BG Sealing more information

The Roxtec BG™ (Bonding & Grounding) product family is a cable entry system for sealing large quantities of metal clad or armored cables in the least amount of space. Use it in building structures, cabinets and enclosures to save design and installation time – and to reduce costs.

Roxtec BG™ solutions are up to 70% more area efficient than cable glands and a direct replacement to glands for terminating metal clad and armored cable types. With a single cable entry, you can seal varying outside diameters of single or multiple cables while ensuring a certified bonding or grounding termination.

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Roxtec Sealing System

Roxtec sealing sytemThe Roxtec sealing system is cable-friendly and excellent for fixing and protecting cables against damage. Simplify inspection and maintenance by using our area efficient seals.

Roxtec light-weight seals are area efficient and ideal for cabinets, enclosures, junction boxes and other applications with high cable density. Protect equipment with an organized cable entry seal that is openable to simplify maintenance and sudden changes.

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