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Flexible  CablesSAB Flexible Cables more information

SAB Flexible oil resistant Control Cables are designed to minimize downtime and save money by providing a long service. SAB Flexible Control Cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for increased versatility. 

SAB Continuous Flex Cables are designed to provide optimal functionality where alternate bending and continuous motion is required; the cable is perfectly suited for applications ranging from heavy-duty power and control to ultra-sensitive data communications. SAB Continuous Flex Cables have a long service life and can offer a high resistance to abrasion and chemical reaction.

They can provide the most advanced torsion cables currently available, designed for twisting applications on robotic arms and other applications that require rotary motion.

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Tray Cables / VFD CablesSAB Tray and VFD Cables more information

Flexible UL Listed Tray cables and VFD Cables are intended for use within control systems, machinery, conveyors, control panels, assembly and production lines, equipment building and processing equipment. SAB Tray Cables are designed to minimize downtime and save money by providing extremely long service life. SAB Tray Cables feature a tight bending radius are UL Listed, MTW rated and approved for exposed run (ER).

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Data CablesSAB Data Cables more information

Modern electronics and miniaturized appliances require data cables with the smallest cross sections, best screenings and highest flexibility. SAB data cables meet these requirements to a high degree. Different types of strandings (in layers or pair-wise) can prevent mutual interference of adjoining circuits. Especially in the computer era, data cables have become essential and they must be continuously adjusted to the latest technical developments. The color code with reference to DIN 47100 guarantees a perfect assignment of the conductors for the connection of the cable. The cables are produced with reference to the usual DIN VDE regulations.

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Servo Motor CablesSAB Servo Cables more information

These flexible motor connection cables are used for motors that due to their construction allow the installation of a combined cable with supply and control conductors (thermal contact / brake to stop). The cables are suitable for high mechanical demands in dry, damp and wet conditions as well as at low temperatures.  Servo Motor Cables are for utilization in continuous flex and static applications.

SAB Servo Cables are well suited in applications such as cable tracks, handling equipment, pick-and-place units, gantry robots, machine tools, CNC machinery and etc. They are available in combinations of power, signal, feedback and control configurations.

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Silicone CablesSAB Silicone Cables more information

Besilen® ignition cables and Besilen® high-voltage ignition cables are suitable for the application at high or very unsteady ambient temperatures of up to +180°C. Besilen® insulated wires and Besilen® insulated strands are suitable for the use at high ambient temperatures.

Sheathed cables are suitable for applications at high ambient temperatures in dry, damp and wet rooms as well as for outdoor use; as flexible connection cable with low mechanical load. The mechanical load capacity can be enhanced by using a steel wire armoring, a fiberglass braiding or an inner sheath.

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Bus CablesSAB Bus Cables more information

SAB Flexible Bus Cables are designed for a wide variety of industrial communication applications, including those requiring power, sensor, and data communications. SAB also offers a complete range of Bus Cables in Halogen-Free materials.

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