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Camozzi electric solutions control speed, acceleration, the position in relation to the load to move and the distances to cover, the requested precision, optimizing costs and providing a solution that is easy to install and to manage. Camozzi offers its partners with one aim only: providing the solution with the highest added value.

Pneumatic ConnectionsSeries 6E

Available in a wide variety of shapes and configurations, Camozzi pneumatic fittings are made of brass, technopolymer, and stainless steel for ease of installation on a variety of devices, machines, and tubing where sealed reliability matters.

  • Push-in/Super Rapid Fittings (Inch and Metric)
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Compression/Rapid Fittings
  • Tubing, Spirals and Accessories
  • Quick-release Couplings

Valves & Solenoid Valves


With a variety of sizes and flow rates, Camozzi valves and solenoid valves are available to respond to the needs of any industrial sector - designed for maximum performance of flow rate and power consumption. 

  • Mechanical and Manual Valves
  • Inch and Metric
  • Logic Valves
  • Automatic Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Solenoid Valve Units
  • Silencers

Pneumatic Actuation


Camozzi actuators have a modern design and are developed to save space and weight. Within the same product family it is possible to have different construction types, in order to satisfy the needs of the most critical sectors. To complete the range there are a series of accessories that can facilitate the installation of the component or increase its performance.

  • ISO Cylinders
  • Standard Cylinders
  • Inox Cylinders
  • Guided Cylinders
  • Rotating Cylinders
  • Rodless Cylinders

Series D Valve Island

valve island

The valve island Series D1 enables the connection to the main fieldbus protocols (PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, IO-Link) through a new serial module that allows an increase in the number of controllable valves and an integration of analog and digital I/O modules in a single network node.

The serial module is composed of two separate elements, base and cover, that simplify assembly and replacement of the node. The mechanical and electrical connection system and the internal bus allow for extreme flexibility when adding, moving, removing and replacing different modules or communication protocols, even in restricted spaces.

Series ASX Angle Seat Valves Angle Seat Valves

The angle seat valve is a pneumatically-operated valve designed to control steam, liquids, gas and fluids that contain suspended solid particulate matter. The angled mount and design of the valve enable a high and constant flow, whilst ensuring a low pressure drop.
Made entirely of stainless steel, this valve is the ideal solution for many industrial applications, even when besides high flow rates, the control of viscous fluids is also required. It is available in a range of different versions as well as special models to be installed in applications with flow direction under the poppet, in order to prevent or reduce the water-hammer effect when closing the valve.

Rotary Actuators


rotary actuator

The Series QR rotary actuators are cylinders with a double piston, able to provide high torques while ensuring high stability and a precise rotary movement. The rotation angle can be easily set as desired between 0° and 190° by means of adjustment bolts or hydraulic absorbers positioned on one side of the rotary table. The use of shock absorbers allows the dampening of two to five times more kinetic energy than with regulation bolts. The rotary table is compact and allows direct mounting of the load. Their compact design, lightness and ease to combine with EOAT make these actuators particularly suitable for use in the assembly and packaging sectors and any application that requires transfer, tilting or rotation of objects.

Series 6E Electromechanical CylindersSeries 6E

The Series 6E cylinders are mechanical linear actuators with rod, in which the rotary movement, generated by a motor, is converted into a linear movement by means of a recirculating ball screw. Available in 4 sizes, 32, 40, 50 and 63, the Series 6E has dimensions based on the ISO 15552 standard and it is therefore possible to use the mounting accessories of the pneumatic cylinder.

The cylinders are equipped with a magnet that makes it possible to use external magnetic proximity switches (Series CST and CSH), allowing operations like homing or extra-stroke readings to be performed. The Series 6E is equipped with specific interface kits, which make it possible to connect the motor, both in line and parallel. High precision and easy mounting make the Series 6E the ideal solution for different applications, especially for multi-position systems.

Series 5E Electromechanical Axis


Series 5E

Series 5E axis are mechanical linear actuators in which the rotary movement generated by a motor is converted into a linear movement by means of a toothed belt. The Series 5E, available in 3 sizes, 50, 65 and 80, is realized by means of a special self-supporting square profile, in which the components have been completely integrated, assuring compactness and light weight. The presence of a recirculating ball guide grants high stiffness and resistance to external loads.

To protect the internal elements from potential contaminants from the external environment, the profile has been closed with a stainless steel plate. The axis is equipped with a magnet that makes it possible to use external proximity switches (Series CSH), allowing operations like homing or extra-stroke readings to be performed.

Series DRWB Drives



DRWB Drives

The Camozzi drives Series DRWB have been designed to control the movement of the Camozzi electromechanical actuators (Series 5E and Series 6E).

The servo drives DRWB, compact and especially optimized for the brushless Camozzi motors, are completely digital and available in the power classes 100 W, 400 W and 750 W. Equipped with vector mode and the function of Autotuning and containment of vibrations, they are made in such a way to easily perform replacements and to have a two-line alphanumeric display with 4 control keys on the servo driver. A digital pulse interface allows control of the direction, position, speed and torque. It is possible to control the drives with analogic signals.

Series DRCS DrivesDRCS Drive

The Series DRCS drives, compact and optimized in one size, have been specially configured for all small and medium-sized Camozzi Stepper motors. They are capable of controlling Stepper motors with 2 phases and micro stepping feed. They are able to calculate the normal resonance frequency of the motors and optimize their driving. The use of the micro stepping technique (up to 1/128 of steps) enables the drive to almost replicate a sinusoidal current while considerably reducing the natural resonance of the motor itself. The availability of 8 inputs allows the realization of a table of 256 commands, for each of which it is possible to set position, speed, acceleration and deceleration.

The Series DRCS drives are equipped with the serial protocol CANopen CiA301 and CiA402 by means of which it is possible to run commands for motion control and the integration for the monitoring of the drive’s state.

Series MTB Motors

MTB Motor

The Camozzi motors Series MTB have been designed to be connected in an easy and practical way to the new product range within electrical actuation, being able to drive both electromechanical cylinders and axes. The Series MTB of synchronous AC Brushless motors is available with a power of 100, 400 and 750 W.

The standard motors are equipped with a 13 bit encoder with 10,000 increments per cycle and are offered with or without a motor brake. Due to the high dynamics of these motors, it is possible to guarantee a constant torque at any speed. Due to the low mass inertia, they are particularly suitable for high work dynamics, like sudden changes in direction or high moving frequencies.

Series MTS Motors

Hydraulic Dampers

The Camozzi motors Series MTS have been designed to be connected in an easy and practical way to the new product range within electrical actuation, being able to drive both electromechanical cylinders and axes.

The new Series MTS electrical Stepper motors are available in the sizes Nema 23 and Nema 24. Each motor version comes with its own driving version that is interfaceable with the QSet configuration software, especially developed by Camozzi in order to simplify the setting up of the electric actuator.

Series GB Planetary GearboxesGB Gearboxes

The Series GB planetary gearboxes, by means of a planetary gear system, enable the reduction of the angular speed and the increase of transmittable torque. These gearboxes can be used with the Series 5E electromechanical axes.

Available in 3 sizes with 4 different reduction ratios, the Series GB planetary gearboxes can be supplied in two different configurations, in-line or orthogonal. All gearboxes are equipped with interface flanges for the connection to the Camozzi Series MTB and Series MTS motors.

Series CO Motion Couplers

CO Series Couplers

The Camozzi CO Series motion transmission devices are necessary for a proper connection of electromechanical axes and cylinders with motors or gearboxes.

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