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For over 60 years, Fabco-Air has provided best-in-class pneumatic products, solutions and support for a variety of industries, from automotive to semiconductor manufacturing. In addition to the Original Pancake® cylinder, they design and deliver linear slides, actuators, air preparation units, valves and more—all with short lead times on both custom and off-the-shelf units.

Original PancakeOriginal pancake

The original short-stroke, low-profile pancake air cylinder fits tight spaces. Pancake air cylinders are available in eight bore sizes from one-half to four inches and stroke lengths to four inches, providing excellent stroke and rod support in a small height package.

Select from a wide range of options including a magnetic piston for cylinder position sensing or a non-rotating unit with internal pins to ensure proper rod orientation. Custom designs are also available.

Original Pancake Information

Square Pancake II

Square Pancake cylinder

Square Pancake® II air cylinders meet the same standards of compact air cylinder quality as the Original Pancake and the Pancake II families. These direct interchange air cylinders in square form provide effective output motion with short strokes in a compact design.

The Square Pancake family is available in five standard styles and also includes a non-rotating series for applications requiring the load to stay in a fixed orientation during its linear movement. SND Series double-acting air cylinders come with two piston rods built into the cylinder head. The twin rods are bound by a rod end toolbar to hold the piston securely in place.

Square Pancake Information

F Series

F Series Cylinder

The F Series air cylinders will are available in 11 bore sizes from 5⁄16 through 3 inches and with stroke lengths to 32 inches, all models in this economical series of cylinders are directly interchangeable, bore for bore and stroke for stroke.

Featuring a 304 stainless steel air cylinder tube and 303 stainless steel, ground, polished and roller-burnished cylinder rods, these durable cylinders perform reliably in harsh conditions. A high-strength aluminum piston is standard, and full-flow ports and cross-slots on the end caps allow air passage to the entire piston and seal area for quick response and full force performance.

F Series Information

NFPA CylindersNFPA Cylinder

Fabco NFPA-interchangeable cylinders combine durable construction and a host of features, and these versatile cylinders come in a variety of styles. Available with bore sizes from 1 ½ to 6 inches and standard strokes to 99 inches, cylinder types include all stainless steel, tandem, three-position and back-to-back models.

The series’ cylinder tube is built with a high-strength aluminum alloy, and its 60 Rc inner diameter hard-anodized coating actually impregnates the base aluminum. The cylinders also come with oversized bearings, including a nonmetallic composite rod bearing that can handle high loads and also resist wear.

NFPA Cylinder Information

Pancake II

Pancake II

The Pancake® set the standard of excellence for compact air cylinders, and the Pancake II Direct Interchange Air Cylinder raises the bar even higher. Like the Original, Pancake II provides effective output motion with short strokes in applications with limited space.

Designed for long life, Pancake II’s quality construction features include an impact-resistant interchangeable cylinder barrel made from high-strength composite and a self-lubricating cylinder wall. The smooth interior minimizes heat buildup, keeps friction low and prevents slip stick that can hamper metallic cylinders.

Pancake II Information

Global Series

Global Series

The Global Series™ is Fabco-Air’s extruded-body international counterpart to the Original Pancake® air cylinder. This metric, interchangeable air cylinder line, like the Pancake, is designed to deliver short-strokes and fit into tight spaces. Pressure rated to 150 psi for both pneumatic and hydraulic service, the Global Series comes with bore sizes ranging from 12 to 100 millimeters, and stroke lengths are from 5 to 150 millimeters.

The Global Toolplate – GT Series double-acting cylinders offer the same features as standard Global Series filters plus an anodized aluminum toolplate in blank, metric or inch styles plus chrome-plated stainless steel guide shafts. The cylinders come in 10 bore sizes from 12 through 100 millimeters and with strokes from 5 through 150 millimeters.

Global Series Information

Sun Automation is a Fabco-Air distributor serving Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada.

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