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Mencom Corporation provides high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet industrial electrical connector requirements. Mencom offers a complete line of custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectors, panel interface connectors, and industrial networking solutions.

Over-Mold Circular Connectorscircular connectors

Mencom is the leading manufacturer of circular connectors and our rugged solutions are engineered for reliable performance under the most extreme use in harsh environments. These connectors come with a huge variety of materials, sizes, contact layouts & types, and coupling designs.

Circular Connectors Information

Industrial Networking Solutions


Mencom offers a wide range of reliable Industrial Networking Solutions for the industry 4.0 Smart Factory applications. Choose from a wide selection including managed, unmanaged, industrial grade, ultra-compact, DIN-rail mount, multi-ports, Power over Ethernet (PoE), gigabit options, and more. All of Mencom industrial networking products are designed to withstand harsh and extreme environments while adhering to industrial network design, compliance, and performance requirements.

Industrial Networking Information

ILME Rectangular Connectors

ILME Rectangular Connectors

Mencom Corporation is now offering ILME Rectangular Connectors known for their high-quality construction and reliable connection in the industry. These rectangular connectors include the base, the mating hood and the male and female insert. This solution will help drastically reduce labor time and costs associated with product installation.

Rectangular Connectors Information

Panel Interface ConnectorsPanel Interface Connector

The ability to interface with the contents of the cabinet without opening the door prevents a lot of potential safety hazards associated with having an open electrical panel, such as Arc Flash. Mencom currently has well over 3,000 designs of Panel Interface Connectors, also known as either programming ports, program ports, programming interface or interface ports, in production and our engineer team is designing new Panel Interface Connectors every day to meet the various needs of your business.

Panel Interface Connector Information

DIN Rail Modules

DIN Rail Modules

Mencom’s expandable T35 series of Din Rail modules allow you the convenience of mounting a wide variety of connectors to your DIN rail. Also known as “break-out boards” these modules allow the end user to take a pre-molded connection, like a ribbon cable or D-Sub, and easily break it out to individual terminal points. This is all done while taking up minimal space on the DIN rail. Custom interface modules that may require special circuits or components can be designed with quick turnaround from design to delivery.

DIN Rail Modules Information

Junction Blocks

Junction Blocks

The basic designs of the MIN series, Micro Series, and NAN series of blocks allows for fast and accurate installation while reducing overall labor. The MIN series is available in 4, 6, and 8 port configurations with MIN size I ports. The Micro Series, available for both MDC and MAC connections as well as for DeviceNet applications, sizes from 2~12 ports with and without LED indication. The NAN series is available with 4, 6 or 8 M8 ports with and without LED indication. All Mencom Junction Blocks are IP67 rated for harsh environment and available with a variety of trunk connections.

Junction Blocks Information

Solenoid Valve ConnectorsSolenoid Valve Connectors

Mencom solenoid valve connectors may either be purchased individually or as part of a molded cable assembly. Termination options also include field wireable, overmolded cable or pre-wired receptacles. Mencom carries a full line of DIN 43650 and Industry Standard (I/S) Solenoid Valve Connectors

Solenoid Valve Connectors Information

Cable Glands

Cable Glands

Mencom offers a wide variety of cable glands, from very small (PG7) to very large (M63) and even right angle cable glands. Our line of cable glands include plastic and metal varieties with NPT, Metric and PG threading and they are rated to IP68 up to 5 bar that can be used permanently under water up to 5 atmospheres.

Cable Glands Information

Sun Automation is a Mencom distributor serving Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada.

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