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PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of the workplace.

Signal Towers

signal towers

PATLITE's signal towers feature an exclusive design in prism-cut lenses and LEDs, enhanced visibility can be seen from any direction and distance, such as large factories.

  • Double Insulation for enhanced durability and safety in the work environment.
  • Direct mount installation with just a single hole.
  • Interchangeable LED modules needing no re-wiring, even after installation.
  • Main Body made of heat resistant ABS resin for superior impact resistance.
  • Available colors are in Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear/White.

Signal Towers Information

Signal Lights


Signal Lights

PATLITE's Signal Light Series offers a variety of features, from Automotive Lamp Flashing/Nonflashing beacons to LED multifunctional beacons; from compact LED beacons to Large-sized Xexon Strobe beacons to fit your needs.

Signal Lights Information

Revoloving Warning Lights

revolving lights

PATLITE's Revolving Light series uses durable plastic for the dome and offer light sources such as LED, Xenon, Halogen, and Conventional Bulbs.

  • Compact cube tower with a buzzer
  • Corrosion-proof plastic
  • Cube tower combines two different light styles on one base
  • Compact LED revolving warning light featuring enhanced illumination
  • Explosion proof version designed for use in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres

Revolving Warning Light Information

Network Productsnetwork products

PATLITE offers a complete offering of networking products to help you implement Industry 4.0. NHL has a three-tiered signal tower with a buzzer and E-mail sending capability to report to a network manager immediately when a network event occurs via network connection. WDR-LE is a receiver used to connect to the computer via a LAN or USB connection and to communicate with the AirGrid transmitters installed on the LE or LME signal towers. The WDR-U USB receiver is a wireless connection from the transmitter, directly to the computer port.

Network Products Information

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Long-life bright LED lighting which compares with flourescent lighting, but uses less power, is maintenance free and has high protection ratings for industrial and other uses.

  • Water, Oil, Chemical Resistant, Ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G, IP67G, IP69K
  • Super bright and compact energy-saving LED auxiliary warning light designed for emergency vehicles
  • Explosion-safe Ex Standards, is suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 applications
  • Super bright LED work light is resistant to weather, dust, oil and water

LED Lighting Information

Hybrid Products

Hybrid Products

Thesee hybrid products combine Patlites Audible Alarm technology with its Warning Light technology. Complete line of horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability. PATLITE offers an explosion-safe Hybrid Horn with LED tiers, using the latest in MP3 technology for field-programmable messages made to suit the environment for Zone 2 and Zone 22 applications.

Hybrid Products Information

Audible Alarmaudible alarm

PATLITE audible alarms create various melodies and sounds to help distinguish among several of the same machines in the factory.

  • Panel-mount series
  • 32 different melody sounds suitable for noise factories
  • Extremely small design with buzzer sounds
  • Explosion-proof melody and chime horns

Audible Alarm Information

Sun Automation is a Patlite distributor serving Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada.

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